Rocky McAfee


   Just like many artists, I started out drawing and coloring in elementary school. But it all really started with Kindergarten. Finger painting with Miss McGarvey (bless her soul)!

   When after a day of mucking around with finger paints and wearing one of Dad's old work shirts backwards as a smock, I kinda freaked out, when I found out that the next day, the class was moving onto something else. One day just wasn't enough, I hadn't finished my first masterpiece!

​   Call it stubborn or being naughty, but I knew I just had to have more of that cool, wet paint running through my fingers! So Miss McGarvey phoned my Mum and explained that I wasn't following protocol. My beautiful understanding mother, suggested maybe letting me do one more day. After all, what would it hurt? Especially since I would be tucked away in a corner all by myself, quiet and not disturbing the rest of the class.

​   Now I know, that had I been a kid today, some "shrink" would for sure have me taking Ritalin! But back in the good ol' days, we just got a spanking and that settled us down, no need for drugs. The poor kids today don't know what they are missing!

   Anyway, that was the start of my great art adventure. My artistic background includes sketching with graphite, pen & ink, charcoal, air brushing, oil & acrylic painting and of course tattooing! Nowadays, I mainly paint animals, pet portraits and birds in acrylics. Most of my paintings are commissioned and then sold privately. Contact me, if you would like a custom painting. Some samples are shown below.

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