Rocky McAfee


​​​​Happy New Year to all for 2018 and welcome to “The Last Word.”  What’s this about, you wonder and why am I writing it?

   Well, anyone who knows me personally, or has been a past or is a present client, knows that I am a very social type and interested in chatting about world events. All kinds of topics really. From art to politics to crime to taxation to religion … well just about anything goes, I suppose?

   This all stems mostly from my profession as “Dermagraphic Technician” or a.k.a. “Tattoo Artist” … you see, when you have a client in your chair for a certain length of time, you almost always engage in some form of dialogue on almost any topic or current events.

   Now in order to be a good talker, firstly, you need to be good listener. I mean, how can you engage in a great discussion if you don’t hear what the other person is saying to you? A face to face conversation or discussion is the most realistic and meaningful way to express or explain your true feelings about any topic.

   Which now leads me to “Social Media.” Sometimes I think they should call it “Anti-Social Media” for the very simple reason that a person can be whoever they pretend to be and never have to face the person or persons they are talking to, or about. Hiding behind a fake name and being a “keyboard warrior” just doesn't hold any water ... don’t get me wrong now, not everyone uses social media to say ridiculous or mean things to others, but it most definitely is a safe haven for bullies and trolls! They're actually wimps and cowards, truth be told!

   Clients and friends ask me why I quit using Facebook. So here goes …about two years ago, Facebook started deleting some of my postings. No reason why, just simply gone, vanished! Let me explain that none of my postings were x-rated or hateful they were just regular pics of life in general. Why they were deleted, still makes me scratch my head? Just some disgruntled employee working behind the scenes at the FB conglomerate deleting random pics I guess?

   What really amazes me and makes me wonder, is what is happening to society ... that without Facebook, how do you survive? Are you kidding me? Is this the mentality in todays world? Have we actually become a race without any common sense? It seems so by ... oh well?  Maybe I am just old-fashioned but I prefer face to face. You know, human interaction. 

   Well those random deleted pics of mine that meant nothing to that overpaid employee, made me realize that since I wasn’t paying FB any money to display my stuff, I really had no say in the matter. I thought about that for about a whole 2 seconds and then decided to delete my FB account. I instantly felt so much better! It was like a HUGE weight lifted off of my shoulders. No more posting images and checking daily to see if my pics were still there and no more negative remarks from the trolls!

   I decided at that moment that by having my own website, I was totally in control of my postings and therefore having “The Last Word.”

​P.S. - I will be posting various topics on this page in the weeks to come ... hope you enjoy!