As the story unfolds on the streets of the beautiful, west coast metropolis of Vancouver, British Columbia, it delivers new hope to the countless victims and their families who have been let down by the Canadian legal system.

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DOG WITH A BONE  serves up some "good old fashioned" vigilante justice. The story is about a man by the name of Sunny Kruzik, who was teased and tormented while growing up. It's no secret that there is a "bully epidemic" in the world today. 

   Words of wisdom from Sunny's grandmother and the constant bullying that invaded his youth, molded him into the retributive, modern-day bully basher, that he has become.

    Sunny and his faithful yellow Lab, Babe, view the lenient Canadian laws in a somewhat different fashion than the norm. He deals with the miscreants of society in his own twisted, chilling way! With a child serial killer on the loose, it's a race against time and the police, as Sunny goes about "his business".

    The police have a person of interest, who seems to be doing their job and who would love to interview, but have trouble locating him.

Rocky McAfee

The Writer

   Writing short stories was another passion of mine when I was in school. Although I didn't really care much for English classes at the time, I did however love to write wild and crazy stuff as my imagination would seem to wander. Remember the Ritalin thing that I mentioned on "The Artist" page?

   Oh yeah, so I actually got dismissed or kicked out (whichever you prefer) of Grade 10 English class by the teacher, Miss Heagle. She would wear the shortest mini-skirts and purposely sit at the front of the class, so that you could see her you-know-what! Darn, I regretted getting dismissed (I like the sound of that better).

   Anyway, since I have written my first novel, "Dog With A Bone", I have learned more about English grammar than I ever did, in all of those years of school. Maybe if I had paid more attention or had some Ritalin! Hah! I blame it on the mini-skirt.